THE LAST time I looked there were about 47 countries in Europe, 193 in the UN and 196 in the world. I also notice that we are no longer The British Empire but a small nation with limited resources and hardly any military capability.

However, that is not good enough for many people who still regard our nation as some international policeman who people listen to. Get real! If you travel to many countries as I do, then Britain is regarded as a past colonial power with little influence.

It’s all a con by our politicians who suck up to the United States for trading purposes. The problem in Syria like most problems in the Middle East is religious. It’s Shia versus Sunni and it’s none of our business because the more we get involved the more we get blamed.

What is wrong with the 46, 192, 195 other countries doing something for a change?

Rob Hatherall Spring Grove, Cwmbran