WHAT an outrage !The health minister at the Welsh Assembly has delayed so long the final decision on the new SCCC Hospital at Llanfrechfa.

Once again, not a word from the Assembly members for South East Wales.

To visit the Royal Gwent is and has been a nightmare for as long as I can remember. No thought is being given for the problems experienced by users. No thought is being given for the millions being squandered on keeping the Royal Gwent patched up, while they dilly dally on getting on with building our much-needed hospital.

I believe that they dragged their feet because they were being leant on by the misguided councillors in Newport who still carp on about having it in Newport.

When the next Assembly elections come around I hope all those who have had bad, unnecessarily long visits to the Royal Gwent will think carefully before voting. This lot have had their chance and blown it.

The staff are great and give the best possible service under trying circumstances. What a difference a new build will make.

Jean Gray Cwmbran