A WOMAN accused of the manslaughter of cyclist John Reeder went “crazy” after attacking him at a house party weeks before his death, a court heard yesterday.

The second day of the trial of two men and a woman accused of “hunting down” Mr Reeder before his death in August last year, took place at Newport Crown Court.

Kieran Allcock, 18, of no fixed address, Andrew Vass, 26, of Upland Drive, Trevethin, and Deon Morgan, 20, of no fixed address, each deny a charge of the manslaughter of 63-year-old Mr Reeder on August 7 last year.

The court was told Mr Reeder, from Pontnewynydd, was knocked from his bicycle in the early hours of the morning on the A4043 in Pontnewynydd, and later died of severe head injuries.

The jury was told another defendant, Casey Coslett, has admitted manslaughter.

The three on trial are accused of a “joint enterprise” meaning they allegedly acted together.

Yesterday (Tue), the court heard how Morgan punched Mr Reeder a “few times in the head” and kicked him after putting him on the floor at a party at a mutual friend’s on July 24, before her then boyfriend Vass pulled her away.

Witness Suzanne Bunning, who denied she had been drinking that night, told the court Morgan had confronted Mr Reeder about an alleged attack in a park around five or six weeks previously. Ms Bunning said Morgan “started going crazy” after Mr Reeder got up after the alleged attack and said he would be leaving.

Mr Reeder then went to her homeless hostel and reported the alleged attack to the staff member on duty Catrina Sesevic, who noted a lump over his left eye. Morgan’s social worker was informed, which the prosecution alleged “enraged” her.

Ms Sesevic said told the court yesterday (Tue) that Mr Reeder was “really upset and a bit tearful” and said that he had done nothing wrong.

The night before Mr Reeder’s death the court heard how he had been chased by people who saw him outside the Hales House hostel in Osbourne Road, Pontypool.

At around 1.35am on the day of his death, Mr Reeder had spoke to a friend on the phone telling him he was stressed, saying Morgan had thrown sweets at him and two boys had tried to push him off the bike.

earlier that evening, the court heard.

Before the incident, the three defendants, along with Coslett, had been drinking cider outside the hostel, with Morgan and Allcock also describing taking the drug meow-meow (mephedrone), the court heard.

Witness Sharon Williams slowed down to around 25mph in her car when Mr Reeder rode quickly into the road, Mr Evans said, adding: “She then saw what she described as kids running down the pavement behind him and thought he was being chased.”

She noticed a female “zig-zagging” in the road as if trying to stop him, “arms outstretched as if she was going to grab him off the bike”, the court was told.