FURTHER funding for the project to build a new walkway railway station at Magor with Undy will be discussed by Monmouthshire County Council today.

The proposed station aims to enhance rail links for the Severnside area, with destinations including Cardiff and Bristol as well as Newport, Chepstow, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Last week, the county council and Magor Action Group on Rail (MAGOR) launched a bid for the station to the Department for Transport.

As part of the bid, the council are being asked to fund parts of the Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP), a process which aims set out how projects intended to "enhance or renew" parts of the railway network will be managed.

A total of £32,346 is being requested from Section 106 balances from the Greenmore Lane developments held by the council and a further £12,000 from similar balances for a development at Kingfisher Rise to meet the identified shortfall in funding.

A council report also recommends that the funding should be reserved to support further stages of the process if the Welsh Government agrees to reimburse the funding.

Local contributions of £21,500 are also being put forward by MAGOR, Magor with Undy Community Council and the Railfuture Fund.

According to the council the population of Magor with Undy is expected to rise in the next ten years with 10,000 residents living within one mile of the preferred site.

The proposed station would comprise 150 metre platforms on the outside of the current relief tracks running parallel to the main Swansea to London line with shelters, lighting and CCTV.

The existing footbridge and underpass will allow passengers to access the further platform.

The footbridge was rebuilt when the line was electrified recently and will not require modification, but work will have to be undertaken on access ramps and the underpass to ensure disability compliance.

Speaking last week, county council leader of Monmouthshire County Council Peter Fox said: “The return of railway travel for Magor with Undy after many years will be welcomed by the community and offer many benefits. It will bring employment, retail, healthcare, education and leisure opportunities closer for residents and reduce traffic growth on congested local roads."

Laurence Hando, who chairs the MAGOR campaign, added: "We are encouraged by the progress made so far, grateful for the help and support given by leaders in the county council and Welsh Government and are delighted that we have been able to work collaboratively with officers of the council to enable submission of the application to the New Station Fund."