I HAVE just received a letter from MCC informing me that should I wish to have a new garden waste bag it will cost £18.00 per bag for one years weekly collection, that is an increase of £4.00 from last year, which I find is extortionate to say the least.

I and others like me pay council tax which is also going to probably rise by over 4.5% and this is the council who turned our street lights off from midnight to 0500 hours in August 2014 which is nearly 4 years ago and they’ve not turned them back on yet.

My point is this, with all these costs to the public on our waste collection it makes you wonder why there are irresponsible people from our community who would resort to fly tipping because they do not wish to pay for waste removal.

Also the general public put in harms way (burglary, assaults) because there are no street lights to deter those who would commit crime and violence.

Joe Farrell MBE, Vauxhall Road, Chepstow