A LANGUAGE programme helping adults learn Welsh in workplace has received an allocation of £2.5million from the minister for Welsh language and lifelong learning.

The funding has been awarded to the National Centre for Learning Welsh to continue its 'Work Welsh' programme which began in April last year.

The scheme forms part of the Welsh Government's plans to have one million speakers of the language by 2050.

Eluned Morgan AM said: “Reaching one million Welsh speakers by 2050 is a very ambitious target and, while educating our children and young people is a very important part of the plan, we cannot rely on them alone.

“We also need adults to develop their Welsh language skills, increase the use of Welsh within the workplace and expand the availability of services through the medium of Welsh.

“Work Welsh is already doing great work in helping people to learn Welsh and improve their confidence to use their Welsh language skills in the workplace.

“This additional funding will enable even more people who can make a significant ongoing contribution to our 2050 target to benefit from the training and support on offer.”

More than 4,000 people in workplaces across Wales have participated in Work Welsh courses during this financial year, exceeding the targets set at the start of the programme.

A range of courses tailored to specific sectors will be developed also.