A PROJECT created to help vulnerable people in the community is set to be expanded further across the UK after receiving £50,000 of National Lottery Funding.

The Safe Places Organisation was launched in Torfaen in 2017 and has since been expanded through some areas of the UK.

The scheme offers support for vulnerable people whilst they are out and about.

If someone feels they are at risk, scared, bullied or harassed while they are out, they have 'Safe Places' in the community to go to seek help and ask for a contact to be made.

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A Safe Places window sticker in the window of Artie Craftie in Blaenavon. Picture: Nick Horler.

These ‘safe places’ can be identified via a window sticker, or on the free-to-use Safe Places smart phone app.

Once a vulnerable person has joined the scheme they will receive an 'In case of emergency' card or 'I.C.E' for short. The card provides a space for the user to write their name together with two emergency contact names and numbers.

The funding from the Big Lottery Fund will make membership more accessible for all districts across the country.

It will also enable Safe Places to develop their free-to-use Safe Places app to be voice activated, so people with visual impairments will be able to locate a Safe Place in Torfaen by simply talking to their smart phones.

Additionally, Torfaen schools are given access to bespoke Special Educational Needs and Disability symbolised education resources designed to help teach vulnerable people to be safe and keep safe while encouraging independence.

Andrew Culkin, director at Safe Places Organisation, said: “We are over the moon to receive this funding from the National Lottery.

“This amazing award will enable us to develop the Safe Places National Network and to add even more benefits for our member’s schemes.

“The dream we have been working towards, of creating a truly nationwide network of support for vulnerable people just took a big step towards becoming a reality.”


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Executive member for health, adult services and wellbeing, Cllr Richard Clark said, "It is vitally important for us as a council to provide and coordinate services across the borough that support our most vulnerable residents here in Torfaen.

“The Safe Places scheme in Torfaen is growing and I would encourage more local businesses and charities to get in touch and support the scheme.

“With the new allocation of funding and an upgraded digital app in the pipeline, our most vulnerable residents can rest assured that they will be equipped with the tools and knowledge in order to feel safe and secure in public."