AS THE weather forecasters tell us that snow is on the way, here’s a look back at the winter of 1947, which is still in the record books as one of the most severe winters in Britain, with extreme cold and lots of snow – everywhere.

Apparently, January began with unseasonably mild weather, but on the 23rd the first snow fell and it continued to fall somewhere in the country for the next 55 days.

And because temperatures rarely made it above freezing, the snow settled.

In places, there were snow drifts seven metres high, and thousands of people were cut off.

In this photograph, Chepstow High Street was obviously impassable for traffic, and people are walking in middle of the road.

It was the coldest February on record in many places.

If you remember the winter of 1947 in and around Chepstow, the town's museum would like to hear your stories.

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Photograph from the collections of Chepstow Museum ©Monmouthshire Museums