A TORFAEN councillor has set up a campaign to help bring affordable school uniforms to local parents.

Cllr Giles Davies has joined forces with Pastor John Funnell of Noddfa Church to create a uniform bank made up of donations from the public.

Mr Davies said: “I have read about residents of Torfaen struggling to pay for uniforms and kits for their children and only being able to purchase from select stores and not cheaper supermarket outlets.

“I understand that there are uniform grants available if eligibility checks are met, but many residents just miss out.”

During the past year Mr Davies, along with members of Noddfa Church, have set up Free to a Good Home, an initiative which offers free clothes and toys to those affected by austerity or low income.

They have now expanded the collections to include school uniforms which have been outgrown or which are no longer needed.

Donations can be dropped off to various locations in Torfaen.

These include: Circulate in Blaenavon, Garnsychan Partnership in Garndiffaith and Noddfa Church, The Barber Shop and Gabbys Diner which are all in Abersychan.

Free Press Series:

Pastor Funnell said: “We aim to practice what we teach at Noddfa Church and help the needy in our valley.

“We have given up a room at the church to store the collections and we’re aiming to turn our church into a community hub.

“We are incredibly grateful for Giles’ work in the community and the support for the church.”

The price of school uniforms has come under scrutiny from parents and the Welsh Government this year already.

In September, the Free Press reported that a mother had criticised Croesyceiliog School’s policy of only supplying uniform through one store, after paying £36 for two school jumpers for her daughter.

The Welsh Government have also looked to address the issue, launching a consultation into proposed new rules making school uniforms more affordable, available, gender-neutral and flexible in bad weather.

The consultation was launched in November, and continues through until February 21.

You can take part via the Welsh Government website.