NOAH Herniman is already a veteran charity campaigner at the age of 12.

The Bulwark schoolboy’s latest venture is to collect 400 Easter eggs for the young people who use Women’s Aid, in Newport, and homeless organisation Llamau.

“I think everyone should have the chance to enjoy themselves,” Noah said, when asked about his motivations. “People deserve a good life.”

Last year, Noah donated 223 Easter eggs to Newport Women's Aid.

His other charity work includes donating knitwear to local homeless charities, and raising £3,000 for a children's centre which was threatened by cuts to its funding.

His mum, Shelley, said she felt “humbled” by her son’s charity work.

“He’s a star,” she said.

For this year's campaign, Noah has already collected 100 eggs, and he is now calling on his schoolmates and the wider community to help him reach his goal by April 9.

If you would like to contribute to Noah’s campaign, contact Mrs Herniman by emailing