A CAMPAIGN to bring back an open air swimming pool to a park in Abergavenny could be given a boost from Monmouthshire council next week.

Abergavenny Lido Group is campaigning to build an outdoor pool in Bailey Park, estimated to cost around £7million, following a surge of community support for the idea.

More than 1,100 people signed a petition supporting the campaign, which first started with dozens of people sharing memories and photos of the former pool on the Facebook group, Abergavenny Voice.

The original pool opened in 1938 and proved popular during summer months, while in winter it was used by schools.

Volunteers and the town council kept the project going after it was closed by the former Monmouth Borough Council, but it eventually closed in 1996 and was subsequently filled in.

Wayne Gibbon, who grew up in Llanfoist near Abergavenny, said he has fond memories of learning to swim at the pool as a schoolboy in the 1970s.

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A photo of the former outdoor pool shared by Mr Gibbon.

"We used to go with the school during the winter to learn to swim and it was freezing," he said.

"Something like a lido for the kids now would be good."

In a boost to campaigners, Abergavenny Lido Group could be given landowner consent for fundraising activities towards the project from Monmouthshire County Council next week.

"Following a resurgence in the popularity of lidos, a community group has been created to explore the feasibility of providing a 50m outdoor pool, learner pool, changing facilities, café and restaurant within Bailey Park," a council report says.

"In order to establish the financial viability of these proposals the group need to undertake fund raising activities, including applying for grants, which requires the consent of the landowner."

Monmouthshire council has said it is unable to provide any financial support for the project at present.

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Campaigners are "well aware" of the financial pressures facing the authority and intend to raise the money themselves, the report says.

But granting landowner consent would allow the lido group to submit grant applications and undertake further work to demonstrate the financial viability of their plans.

The report adds: "The only commitment that the council is making at this point will be to provide landowner consent to their grant applications and fund raising activities.

"Any decision whether to release the required land and support their development proposals will be taken in due course when the Abergavenny Lido Group has evidenced funding and a viable business plan and model."

The individual cabinet member decision on the issue is due to be made by Cllr Bob Greenland, cabinet member for innovation, enterprise and leisure, on Wednesday.