PLANS to build housing on a greenfield site on the edge of a Monmouthshire village have been approved by councillors.

An outline application for up to 11 homes on an area of vacant land off Clearview Court in Shirenewton was given the green light by Monmouthshire council’s planning committee yesterday (Tuesday).

However a condition aimed at ensuring the height of the new homes corresponds with other housing in the area was added.

In the application the maximum height of the new homes is given as up to 8.9 metres.

Councillor Peter Clarke voiced concerns over the visual impact of the development.

“For a sight right on the edge of Shirenewton I do not think we are going to like looking at these properties,” he said.

Shirenewton councillor Louise Brown also raised worries over how the properties would compare with others in the area.

However head of planning Mark Hand said a condition could be added to ensure the height of the homes is considered in relationship with others in the area when a reserved matters application is submitted.

Planning officer Craig O’Connor also stressed the plans were ‘indicative’ due to being in outline form.

The proposed scheme is mixed use, with seven houses planned to be sold on the open market while four houses would be offered as affordable housing.

The council’s highways officer objected to the application due to concerns the existing road to Thistledown Barn which would serve three of the new homes is ‘unsatisfactory.’

Writing in a planning report the highways officer says the road is an ‘inappropriate’ size and does not meet highway safety requirements.

However a new access road proposed to serve the remaining eight homes of the development is supported by highways officers.

A public footpath would also be built along the frontage onto Clearview Court and into the estate under the plans.

Moving approval, Cllr Brown said there were positive aspects to the application, including the provision of affordable housing and improved parking arrangements put forward.