YOUNGSTERS at Noddfa Baptist Church in Abersychan are looking to raise money for the homeless by holding a sleepover at the church.

Members of the Noddfa Youth group will sleep on the pews at the church on Friday, June 7.

They are looking to raise money for the church’s homeless outreach scheme.

Throughout the year, Noddfa Baptist Church visit the most needy people up and down the valley, providing food and clothing, sleeping equipment, toiletries and sanitary products.

The money raised from the sleepover will go towards taking local homeless people clothes shopping and treating them to a sit down meal in a restaurant.

Pastor John Funnell said: “They came up with the idea themselves. We do a lot of work with the homeless at the church, and the group were keen to help out.

“We are very proud of our youth and would like to thank everyone who has supported this wonderful cause.

“They have loads of ideas to make our community a better place and are a force to be reckoned with – watch this space.”

Ella Harding, 15, is a member of the group. She said: “I love coming to Noddfa. The church has helped me find a greater meaning in life and I have made many friends.

“I am excited to be able to support our work with the homeless.”

Noddfa’s youth meet every Friday night and every Sunday morning at the church.

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