SCHOOL funding data exposes how the most vulnerable children are hit hardest by cuts, according to one Monmouthshire councillor.

The School Cuts website, a collaboration between several anti-austerity teaching unions, revealed last week how schools in Gwent had lost out on funding worth millions of pounds over the past four years.

Topping that list was Monmouthshire special school, Mounton House, which has lost £2.3 million in funding in that time.

“It comes as no surprise that the figures are so stark," Cllr Batrouni said. "The most vulnerable are always bearing the brunt of cuts.”


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Mounton House currently lists 21 pupils on its register. The special school, near Pwllmeyric, Chepstow, is attended by boys aged 11-16 with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The School Cuts website estimated Mounton House has lost funding worth £18,730 per pupil.

But Monmouthshire County Council, which runs the school, say that amount should be viewed separately from other schools in the area.


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A council spokeswoman said: “As a special school, Mounton House has a different funding formula to Monmouthshire’s mainstream schools.

"The school is funded at its capacity rather than on a per capita basis.

“In the recent past we have adjusted the quantum to recognise a falling school roll.”

Falling pupil numbers are among the reasons why, earlier this year, Monmouthshire council proposed permanently closing Mounton House.


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Of those plans, Cllr Batrouni said: “I’ve spoken to staff and they can’t fathom it. Only last year, [the council] was talking about expanding the school, and now they want to close it.”

He said the council’s current proposals “didn’t put the children’s welfare at the centre of the decision-making process.”

Cllr Batrouni added that it was "madness" to expect Mounton House's current pupils to travel to other schools with similar provisions, which could be as far away as Cardiff or Penarth.


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In response to Cllr Batrouni’s comments, the council spokeswoman said: “We have recently concluded an open and transparent consultation process about the future of Mounton House Special School.

“A key part of that process was a direct engagement with the students who are currently at the school.

“Any future decision will be informed by the outcomes of that consultation and the wellbeing and securing the best provision for all of our learners will be paramount.”

If Monmouthshire council's proposals are approved, Mounton House school could close by the end of 2019.

To check your local school's funding, visit the School Cuts website at