YOUNGSTERS at Noddfa Baptist Church in Abersychan spent a night sleeping on the pews to raise money for the church’s homeless charity.

The youth group raised £190 through the sleepover.

The money raised will be used to help fund the church’s homeless outreach scheme.

Every month, members of Noddfa Church visit the most needy people up and down the valley, providing food and clothing, sleeping equipment, toiletries and sanitary products.

Pastor John Funnell said: “As a church we don’t just celebrate the love of God on a Sunday, but live it out Monday to Saturday as well, we are here to serve.

“The money will go towards sleeping bags, food, sanitary products and toiletries.”

Max Gibson, 16, took part in the sleepover.

He said: “Our church is like a big family that gives us confidence and support to help our community.”

15-Fifteen-year-old Ella Harding added: “It is great to be part of a church that is doing so much for our area”

Wayne Probert, who leads the homeless ministry at Noddfa Church, said: “A big thanks to all who volunteered and donated.”

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