Keep Abergavenny Tidy is planning a “three-pronged attack” on Saturday, July 13 as part of the group’s ongoing drive against litter in the town.

The group will target three “hot-spots”. These are the Mill Street and castle area; Ysguborwen, the skateboard park, and Old Hereford Road; and lower Chapel Road.

Sessions will be held between 10am and midday, and volunteers who have their own litter-picking tools are encouraged to bring them along. Kits will be loaned to other volunteers who request one in advance.

Helen Trevor Davies, co-ordinator of KAT, said: “It’s heartening to see KAT receive so much support and to see so many individuals and groups organise their own litter-picks to clear troublesome spots in the effort to keep Abergavenny looking its best. It is very much appreciated. Some comments have been received about the town and surrounding area looking much better, and we hope this improvement continues.”

KAT will have a stand in the town centre at Red Square on the morning of the event to help advertise the litter-picking activities. Volunteers for Mill Street can meet at the stall. Litter pickers for the other areas will meet on site.

CORRECTION: This article was amended on July 4 to show the correct date of the litter picks (July 13).