ONE of Wales' oldest citizens has celebrated her 108th birthday.

Chepstow resident Molly Abbott celebrated with friends, relatives, and the community at the town's St Anne's Nursing Home.

The home was decked out with balloons and everyone was in high spirits to mark Ms Abbott's special day.

Ms Abbott was born in Abercarn, where her father worked as a manager in the nearby mines. She was the youngest of 13 children.

From a young age, Ms Abbott showed a flair for music, and her niece Anne Noble said music had always played an important role in her aunt's life.

"She was privately educated and was always very musical," Mrs Noble said.

"She earned the LRAM (Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music) and became a piano teacher."

Later Ms Abbott moved to Chepstow, in around 1960, where she became warden of the nurses' home at the former St Lawrence Hospital. She has lived in Chepstow ever since.


Mrs Noble said her aunt "has always been very independent".

"She loves animals, too - she used to feed half the district's pets."

After retiring, Ms Abbott resumed her previous role as a piano teacher, and music has remained central to her life.

An avid listener to classical music, Ms Abbott was given a lovely surprise when a Classic FM presenter dedicated a song to her on the radio several years ago.

She enjoyed an afternoon of music, cake - and a small glass of champagne - at St Anne's with her fellow residents, relatives Mrs Noble and husband John, and family friend Angela and her husband, also named John.

Ms Abbott received some gifts, as well as another birthday card from The Queen to add to her collection.

And Ms Abbott's secret to a long life? A raw egg every morning, mixed with a few drops of Sanatogen tonic wine.