THOUSANDS of people flocked to the annual Monmouth Show on the weekend.

People from all over the country came to Monmouthshire to celebrate some 200 years of various traditions in the countryside.

There was a packed schedule, including a showcase tractor show, sheep-shearing competition, show jumping, as well as animal petting.

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Secretary of the Monmouth Show, Elizabeth Egerton, hailed it as a “major success”, saying: “It is an absolutely stunning show and people are flowing in.

“We had thousands of people coming—many of whom had never been here before.

“The reason for why it is so popular is that there is something for everyone to enjoy. The animal section is always popular with the children.”

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Trevor Harris is a farmer from Blaenau Gwent and has been attending the show for many years.

He said: “You often hear – especially from children -questions asking what is rural life like. This is a good event to come to learn about it.

“If you have not been, come along and have fun.

"I used to bring some of my cows for people to learn about the different types. But I am too old to do that now. I now come along to wander and catch up with people."

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Teaching assistant Jo Lesley, who lives in Redbrooke Road, was at the show with her two daughters.

“They really enjoyed the tractor display,” she said.

“I found it enjoyable when we came last time. Because there is so much to do you will never get bored.

“We live less than five minutes away and it is a good day out.”

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Mrs Lesley's daughter, Carys, added: "I really liked seeing the hounds and the big tractors."

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