A MUM from Pontypool is hoping to inspire her community to reduce plastic waste.

Stacey Williams, 33, organised a ‘Ditch the Plastic’ event for parents of the Wild Tots Penygarn group at the Log Cabin.

Miss Williams, leader of the Wild Tots group, encouraged the group to think about their plastic use, and how they can reduce it.

The event included recommendations such as opting for metal cutlery and straws at birthday parties, turning down eating at fast food restaurants which offer plastic toys with meals, and making your own homemade baby wipes.

“It all started since I became a mum,” she said. “I have become really aware of the amount of plastic everywhere. I wanted to make a difference for my kids.

“I started out just in my house trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use and then wanted to see what I could do next.

“I contacted our councillor, Sue Malson, and showed her my presentation. She was able to get funding for Wild Tots so we have been able to buy reusable water bottles and shampoo bars for the children to take home.”

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(Stacey Williams speaking at her 'Ditch the Plastic' event in Penygarn.)

At the event, Miss Williams was joined by representatives from Welsh Water, who offered the parents and gave away reusable drinks bottles, and Abergavenny-based refill delivery company Little Green Refills, who deliver cleaning, household and toiletry products to your door, and collect the empty glass bottles to be reused once you have finished with them.

“I love what they are doing at Little Green Refills, and they were very happy to come on board,” said Miss Williams. “I contacted Welsh Water and they came on board too.

“I then spoke with local businesses and who provide fresh, locally sourced fruit, vegetables and meat, and asked them if I could mention them too. Shopping locally is a great way of cutting down on food packaging.

“When I first started this, I didn’t think I would be here giving this talk today. Hopefully the kids will go home and spread the word.

“If it can help, I’d love to be able to take this further than just our community.

“A lady who leads a Brownie group in Cwmbran asked if I could come in and speak with them about it.

“Change doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with the desire, then one small step in the right direction.

“Since I started making these little changes, my recycling has been halved. If I can make a difference, it is something I would be interested in.”