SEVEN-year-old Brooke Wells has only been playing the ukelele for eight months - but she's about to show off her musical talents to a live national radio audience.

The Pontypool youngster wanted to learn to play the instrument after seeing her grandad playing it - and tomorrow morning she will perform a version of Wonderwall, by Oasis, on BBC Radio 2, as part of a showcase on Zoe Ball's Breakfast Show.

“I’m excited. Wonderwall is my favourite song and Oasis are my favourite band," said Brooke.

“I saw my granddad playing the ukulele and decided I wanted him to teach me."


Grandad Darren Lewis, 63, took up the challenge and his grand-daughter has made such rapid progress under his tutelage, that an audience of thousands awaits tomorrow morning.

Her dad, Aaron Wells, said he is “I’m extremely proud of what Brooke has achieved in less than a year.

“She also has a show coming up on September 20 at the Dragonffli in Pontypool, as part of an open mic night.” he said.

You can catch Brooke on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show at 7.40am tomorrow morning.