A CWMBRAN man is celebrating after his two-year fight with a parking company ended in victory.

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by the South Wales Argus, Shane Hatherall, 48, attended a court hearing at Clarence House in Newport on August 17, 2017 to support a client. He paid £2 for parking in the attached carpark, paying through a text service as directed on the parking signs.

He was then shocked to receive a letter from Parking Eye telling him he had a £60 fine as he had "breached his contract" by not paying.

Even after showing the company his text message and the proof the parking charge was paid through his phone bill, Parking Eye still demanded he pay the fine.

Mr Hatherall later learned the text payment system was down at the time he tried to pay, though no signs were up in the car park to warn potential parkers.

Throughout the ordeal, he was told by many friends and family that they would have just given in and paid, but he refused as he believed it was not right for them to fine when had proof of payment.

After mediation failed, Mr Hatherall was issued with a court order to appear at Clarence House on August 27. He had to submit his evidence before this date and submitted his evidence on Thursday, August 15.

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(Shane Hatherall celebrating after having his parking fine cancelled, a day shy of two years after his issue began. Picture: www.christinsleyphotography.co.uk)

But, before he could face the company in court, he received a letter on Friday, August 16, from Parking Eye to say that they considered the case closed.

Mr Hatherall said: “This has been a very mentally stressful journey over the past two years. I am delighted that it is finally over.

“But I wouldn’t give in because its unfair. This is how they get their money, by intimidating people.”


Mr Hatherall believes that people should be aware of this issue as he knows that he is not the only one who has had the problem. He said: “I am not an activist but I am happy to support others going through the same thing.

“I had a man in his 80’s tell me that he had the same problem and gave in. But its unfair as this is an easy way for the companies to make money. If their payment system is down and they don’t alert the customers in any way, how can they justify fining people?”