A BLAENAVON resident celebrated her 101st birthday on Sunday.

Vera Price was joined by her family and friends to celebrate her special day at Arthur Jenkins Care Home.

Mrs Price was born in Walsall and moved to Blaenavon in 1950 after marrying her husband, Vivian Price, who she met on holiday.

Both Mr and Mrs Price were Methodist preachers until Mr Price’s death.

The couple had two children, Stephen and Gillian.


Mrs Price loved to travel, and most recently took a trip to Cyprus when she was 98.

“I would go with my daughter on holiday to the Greek Islands, Cyprus, anywhere with some sun," she said. "I last went when I was 98, there's a hotel out there especially for people in wheelchairs.”

Mrs Price had a few jobs before joining the church, which she said also provided her with a busy social life.

“I was a shorthand typist when I was younger," she said. "I worked in all sorts of offices before I got married and became a preacher.

“My favourite job was as a dentist’s assistant. I was there for about eight years before I moved to Wales.

"We had a busy social life at the chapel. We would go out rambling and would have parties at the church.

"I was also an great reader. I even had two kindles - one for all my Bible readings, and another for novels, so I wouldn't get them mixed up."

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(Vera Price celebrating her 101st birthday at the Arthur Jenkins Care home in Blaenavon. christinsleyphotography.co.uk)

Despite living in London, Gillian visits her mum every other weekend.

Mrs Price said the secret to her long life was her faith, as well as keeping herself active.

"For many years I would do Bible readings every morning, and meditate on those," she said. "I didn't smoke or drink either."

"I think keeping busy and going on holidays helps too."

Having lived in Blaenavon for 70 years, Mrs Price said: “The town has changed a lot. It has always been a pretty little town. But now, if you go through the town on a Saturday afternoon you don’t see any shops open."

"When I was a child, we used to get the train down to Pontypool for special days out," added Gillian.

Mrs Price is one of four centenarians living at Arthur Jenkins Care Home, where she is joined by 102-year-old Sylvia Howells, 101-year-old Winifred Williams and 100-year-olds Betty Price .