RESIDENTS from Usk and and surrounding villages protested outside Monmouthshire County Council's offices last week against proposals to expand an existing waste incinerator site at Trostrey Court, near Gwehelog.

Under those plans (reference DM/2018/01641), the landowner wants to build a fuel storage building and relocate several portable cabin-style buildings used as offices. Other proposals previously granted planning permission may be carried out at the same time, the agent for the landowner added in the proposals.

These plans were originally recommended for approval by Monmouthshire council's planners, but were withdrawn to allow officers to "clarify issues around air quality".

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An air quality assessment was returned to the council in June, in which consultants Sol Environment “considered that air quality does not pose a constraint to development of the site as proposed”, but local protesters are steadfast in their opposition to any expansion of the current incineration site at Trostrey Court.


"The plan, for farmland in the Usk valley, is entirely inappropriate – especially in a county which only in May accepted that there was a climate emergency – and we can't burn our way out of that", one of the campaign organisers, Lindsey Williams, said following last week's protest at County Hall.

Their air quality concerns are based on the type of fuel to be used at the incinerator plant. The applicant's agent has confirmed the fuel will contain "high proportions of naturally occurring biomass" such as shredded waste wood, paper, card, and textiles; and, crucially, non-recyclable plastics.

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More than 700 people have signed a petition calling for the proposals to be rejected, and dozens of local residents, as well as community councils and other bodies, have made formal objections to the plans.

The Argus contacted the applicant's agent regarding the continued opposition to the proposals.