PLANS to use a private holiday let in Llanhennock as a wedding and events venue have been approved by Monmouthshire County Council.

The planning application would allow the site to host weddings and events of up to 100 guests, with accommodation for up to 20 people.

Woodbank, which overlooks Celtic Manor Resort and the River Usk, can still function as a holiday let.

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A Premises Licence and approval as a wedding venue has already been granted. As part of the licence, the number of external events has been limited to 15 per calendar year, with a maximum of 10 taking place between July and August.

The application included plans for the creation 26 car parking spaces, in addition to the 15 already provided at the site.

However, councillors in the planning committee questioned whether the application’s 41 spaces were enough to cater for up to 100 guests as well as external caterers.

Cllr Mat Feakins said: “My biggest concern would be the amenity affect.

“If there’s an overspill situation is the car parking, as it is presented to us today, adequate?”

Cllr David Dovey suggested that if external staff arrived in one vehicle it may help to alleviate potential parking problems.

Cllr Dovey said: “Part of the car parking problem is staff.

“Is there the possibility where we could put a condition for the extra staff who come in for an event to be bused in by the company?

“So, you would have one vehicle bringing them in during the day and one vehicle taking them home at night.”

Concerns were also raised over a potential increase in noise levels.

Cllr Louise Brown said: “We need to know whether it will cause a residential amenity issue, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to have functions going on until 1.30am.

“I think the times should be looked at again.”

Cllr Giles Howard said: “I am concerned by the lack of testing or noise receptors outside the boundary of the site.

“With the number of houses in such close proximity to the site, I am not convinced that allowing the weddings, the live music, the recorded music, even with the conditions would be sufficient to protect the amenity of the neighbours.”

The approved application included additional conditions to alleviate concerns over car parking spaces and noise levels. The applicant will be required to submit a travel plan and limit the hours that functions can be held, so that functions will only be allowed on the site between 8am and 12.30am.