A LITTLE rain failed to dampen spirits as the air in Monmouthshire rumbled with the sound of thousands of motorbike exhausts - Hoggin' The Bridge had rolled back into town for another year.

Motorbikers on a variety of bikes, trikes, quads and scooters left Aust services at 11am and thundered across the Severn Bridge, raising money as part of the annual charity event.

Organiser Aaron Reeks, from Hoggin' The Bridge and Caldicot Town Team, said: "We're really pleased with how the weekend has gone.

"It's been an enjoyable two evenings of comedy and music which everyone attending seemed to love.

"The weather has been hugely disappointing for us, because the rain makes such a big difference to the riders. The mood here is great, but there are slightly lower numbers than what we had hoped for.

"But we're hardy bikers here, and we knew these attendees would come out in any weather.

"Overall we're very pleased and very wet."

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Plenty of bikers attending were happy to show off their rides.

Neil and Owen Curry rode down from Stroud, Gloucester. Owen rode on the back of the bike.

"There were lots of high fives from people throughout, especially crossing the bridge," they said.

Tony Bradley is from Lydney, Gloucester.

He said: "My neighbour did the ride several years ago and I've joined in with him from last year. I've just got back from holiday this morning and it was straight on the bike here!"

Dave Chappell, from Bristol, was dressed in a full Union Jack suit. He has ridden the event seven times from 2013 to now. "The only one I missed was last year, because it was my granddaughter's first birthday," he said. "I just love doing charity events. And any excuse to put a suit on!"

'Fast' Eddy, Stacey Hallam and Kobi Shellam are from Bettws.

While Eddy rode the bridge, Ms Hallam and Kobi met him at the finish line. Ms Hallam said: "We came along to see all the different types of bikes. Kobi absolutely loves them.

Eddy said: "I've done Hoggin' The Bridge every year I can. It's always good to support the different charities."

This year the main chosen charity is Wales Air Ambulance, but other charitable groups, like Blood Bikes Wales will also benefit from a share of the money raised over the weekend.

"We've always supported meningitis charities throughout the history of the event," said Mr Reeks. "But, we did feel it would be more beneficial for both the guys who take part and for the charities themselves if we switched up our chosen causes every three or so years.

"We chose Wales Air Ambulance because of how important, how close they are to bikers hearts - a lot of bikers have accidents and the Air Ambulance have so often been the ones to save their lives. It seemed very appropriate. The same goes with other charities here, like Blood Bikes Wales."

Hoggin' The Bridge began on Friday night with live comedy.

The voluntary team behind the event worked hard to make sure the event - now in its' 19th year - is bigger and better than previous years.

"Yes, next year is the big 20," said Mr Reeks. "We have lots of big plans but we're not sharing all of them just yet - but hopefully we'll be doing a full weekend, festival style.

"Hoggin' The Bridge is the sort of event that can definitely grow with time.

"We have been working especially well with the locals, bring such a big event right to their doorstep, and I'm anticipating the free stunt show to go well today - we are putting it on free of charge to say thank you to everyone for supporting us.

"Overall we're very pleased and very wet."

The team also put on a shuttle service from Caldicot Cross to The David Broome Event Centre and back throughout the afternoon.

All events took place at the David Broome Event Centre. The motorcycle rally left Aust Services at 11am, travelling through Pwllmeyric, Caerwent, Penhow, Langstone, Magor, Undy, Rogiet and Caldicot, and finishing at the David Broome Event Centre.

As part of the ride, Crick Road was closed from 9am to 7pm, to ensure riders safety.

Diversions were sent up to Jon Ros Roundabout and back down the A48 towards Caerwent.