AN MP vying for the role of Speaker of the House has visited Torfaen Youth Forum to find out what the youth of Gwent want from their representatives in Parliament.

Harriet Harman MP visited the Civic Centre in Pontypool.

Ms Harman, is standing to be the next Speaker of the House of Commons, after the current Speaker, John Bercow, announced his resignation last month. Nine candidates have put themselves forward.

Upon starting her campaign, Ms Harman stated she wanted to go and speak to people across the country about the role of the Speaker.

More than 25 young people attended, which included the local youth forum and representatives from the local high schools.

Ms Harman said: “I was deeply impressed by the young people of Torfaen. But they are less than impressed by Westminster."

One young woman pointed out that "parliament is debating a new law to tackle domestic abuse, yet the Commons itself is full of shouting and rudeness".

Another young person said that MPs should set an example - and they are not. That there should be respect for each other and for the rules - but there isn’t.

"It’s possible," they said, "to hold passionate opinions but show that in different ways - not by shouting."

“Both the girls and the boys were adamant that there must be complete equality between men and women and that’s what they expect for their own future," added Ms Harman.

"They don’t want to follow role models. They want to blaze a trail themselves.

"I was very encouraged by the views of the young people about what they want for their future.

"It's a wake-up call that they are far from impressed by Westminster.”

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP said that he was grateful to Ms Harman for taking the time to visit Torfaen.

"I am also grateful to the Torfaen Youth Forum for their help in organising the event and ensuring that a number of young people had the opportunity to put their questions," he said.