A FAMILY will be taking on mount Snowdon to raise money for a charity in the name of their daughter.

The Thomas family – dad Luke, 38, daughter Lucy, 20, and son Tyrone, 18, will be taking on the challenge to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity after younger daughter Kaycee, 13, was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago.

“We are complete amateurs and I’m not exactly the fittest but its for a good cause,” said Mr Thomas.

“Kaycee had been reading up on everything ahead of her operation and suggested it after seeing other people had done it.”

The trek is set to take place on Saturday, November 16, just four days before Casey is due to have her operation on Wednesday, November 20.

Mr Thomas explained: “Kaycee was born with Turner Syndrome and is registered as severely partially sighted and has a heart murmur. She has been on HRT due to Turner Syndrome.”


Turner Syndrome is a female-only genetic condition that can cause infertility and stunts growth. In some cases, it will only be discovered during the years of puberty, however, there can be signs from birth which include thick neck tissue, swelling of hands and feet, heart conditions, kidney abnormalities and being a small baby.

On Kaycee being diagnosed with a brain tumour, Mr Thomas said: “She was diagnosed three years ago after her eyesight and balance deteriorated. It was first noticed on an MRI scan. Kaycee has been getting headaches more frequently and she had her last MRI scan earlier this year.

“After the scan, we received a call a couple of weeks later saying that it needed to be removed as it had reached the right size for removal.

“She will have to have an eight- or nine-hour operation.”

The family are currently at £375 of their £1,000 target, despite the page only being set up last Thursday.