A ROBBER whose shoulder was dislocated after his victim’s courageous husband rugby tackled him to stop him escaping from a “terrifying” night-time burglary is behind bars.

Aaron Morgan had threatened to stab the man’s wife with a knife for her handbag during the violent break-in at a farmhouse where they were staying as invited guests.

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A judge commended her have-a-go hero husband for his bravery after he chased the intruder downstairs and tackled him in the kitchen.

Morgan, aged 30, of Trem y Mynydd, Blaenavon, pleaded guilty to committing robbery and burglary in Cwmbran.

The offence took place during the early hours of the morning on October 20.

Prosecutor Gareth James said the woman was confronted by Morgan in a bedroom.

He told the court: “The defendant told her, ‘Give me the bag or I’ll stab you.’

“She didn’t see a knife but the threat was made. Her husband followed him downstairs and tackled him in the kitchen.

“The defendant cried out in pain after he dislocated his shoulder.”

Judge Neil Bidder QC praised the woman’s husband for his actions. He said: “He acted very bravely indeed.”

Mr James said the couple who owned the farmhouse where their guests were staying were also there at the time of the robbery and burglary.

The prosecutor told the court how the woman homeowner had been “terrified” and was later injured when she slipped on some decking and cut herself on glass from a broken window Morgan had smashed to get in.

Mr James read part of the owners’ victim impact statement which said: “They had lived there for 30 happy years and it was a home they had enjoyed with their children and grandchildren.

“That has been tarnished by this horrendous incident.

“The husband has taken early retirement as a result of this and his wife says she doesn’t want to stay there anymore.”

Cardiff Crown Court heard they have now put their home up for sale.

The judge was told how the defendant had 29 previous convictions for 58 offences, including grievous bodily harm and burglary.

Ben Waters, mitigating, said: “He is absolutely ashamed, and quite rightly so, of his behaviour.

“At the time, he was a desperate man, struggling with drug dependency.”

He told the court his client was prepared to undertake restorative justice if the victims wanted him to.

Judge Bidder jailed Morgan for four years and eight months and told him he would have to pay a £181 surcharge upon his release from prison.

He told the defendant: “This was a happy home but the victims’ enjoyment of it has been ultimately ruined by this offence.”