Young volunteers Lucy and Molly Reynolds, with their mum Tracey, helped clean up Chepstow on the weekend by collecting five bags of litter from the car park on Bulwark Road.

Lucy and Molly have been regular and enthusiastic participants at the Keep Chepstow Tidy group’s monthly litter picks, and are passionate about cleaning up the town.

Meanwhile, Keep Chepstow Tidy co-ordinator Paul Gowen tackled the challenging slope below the coast path between Bulwark and Garden City.

“It’s shocking how much litter is dropped or thrown here,” he said. “We have to spread the message about not dropping litter. In the meantime, we clean up as much as we can so that it doesn’t harm wildlife or enter the ocean via the River Wye.”

The group’s next litter pick, in January, will revisit the coast path. Anyone wanting to get involved should contact Paul Gowen by email (litter@tran or through the Keep Chepstow Tidy Facebook page.