A FAMILY DIY business has credited a series of recent social media videos for an upturn in trade.

Company director Matthew Bailey, 29, has become a local internet star after appearing in a series of twice-weekly promotional videos on Facebook and Youtube, in which he darts around his store’s shops’ aisles championing the latest discounts.

Some of the videos on the Baileys DIY Abergavenny page have been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“It’s proving to be a formula that really works for us and our customers absolutely love saving money on day-to-day food and drink items,” Mr Bailey said. “Within minutes of us posting our videos people turn up to buy the deals – often before we’ve even got it off the delivery lorry.

“Millions of people have viewed our promotional videos over the last 12 months and thousands and thousands of people engage with us every week.”

Mr Bailey’s entertaining promotions have won fans from Abergavenny and beyond.

On the most recent video, one viewer commented: “No idea how I came across this video but I ended up watching it all.

“Fair play – bloke had me gripped for the whole five minutes.”