THE MYSTERY over the creators of a nativity scene at a bus stop in Raglan has been revealed this week.

The bus stop, which was also decorated with the same nativity last Christmas, is outside the The Beaufort Hotel on Raglan High Street. It is home to three shepherds, Mary and Joseph, and has brought much festive cheer to residents.

Now it has been revealed that the creator of the nativity is Liz Friendship, an arts teacher at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Her work was funded by the Beaufort Hotel, with staff also helping Ms Friendship decorate the bus stop.

Ms Friendship, 83, who lives in Raglan, said: “I saw a nice nativity scene display in Tregare a couple of years ago, and decided to do one myself. Last year I started making the figures in the November, and managed to get them done quite quickly.”

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(The bus stop was decorated for a second time on Wednesday evening)

The experienced teacher said most people liked the nativity, but she did have a few surprising grumbles.

“One man complained that he couldn’t see the bus timetable,” she laughed. “So the timetable had to get moved outside the bus stop. I suppose it might not be particularly practical, but I’m pleased it’s brought plenty of Christmas cheer.”

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(The figures have also popped up elsewhere in Raglan)

Restaurant Manager of the Beaufort Hotel Daniel Grayer, 25, said: “We were very happy to fund the materials for Ms Friendship after we heard about her plans. We thought it would bring a lot of happiness to people and it seems to have done so.

“We always get people outside the pub looking at the bus stop, and it’s especially nice to see the kids’ faces.”

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Jesus will take his place at Raglan bus stop on Christmas Day.

Ms Friendship added that she will continue teach and make all sorts of creations, saying: “I hate getting bored, and I’m always trying to think of the next way to keep myself engaged. I’ll have to think of the next creation shortly.”