RESIDENTS of a village in Abergavenny say they have been overwhelmed by the reaction on social media after images of the community phone box were shared online.

The phone box opposite The Bryn Post Office has garnered some attention since residents started decorating it 10 years ago, but this Christmas has seen it gather significant fanfare.

Community councillor Alison Denton, 59, who also volunteers at the post office, explained the rather unusual way the decorations started.

The decorated phone box in The Bryn

“It was ten years ago and if I remember correctly a resident threw a toy chicken in the phone box as a bit of a joke,” Ms Denton said. “Not long afterwards another person put some egg boxes in there. Then suddenly it started to catch on.”

The phone box has rarely been seen empty ever since, and decorations have become more impressive down the years. Each special occasion is marked with a tailored decoration, and residents have been particularly proud of their efforts for Remembrance Day and Christmas in 2019.

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Denise Lewis, who took on the mantle of being primary phone box decorator five years ago, said: “It’s nice because people tend to notice it – perhaps that is because you can’t really miss it on your way to the post office. Even though I tend to decorate it, it belongs to the whole community really, and I try to get them involved as much as possible.”

Copy pic of the decorated phone box in The Bryn on St David's Day

The community has become even more involved this Christmas, when passers-by were invited to place stars above the nativity in the phone box to commemorate their loved ones.

Ms Lewis thanked members of the Abergavenny Knit and Natter club, who helped to make the nativity this Christmas, saying: “They have done an excellent job and it shows with the unbelievable reaction we’ve received. It’s been touching to say the least.”

After Ms Denton shared images of the phone box on Facebook just before Christmas, the post received hundreds of likes and lots of shares too, and she said that many people have been in touch since.

Copy pic of the decorated phone box in The Bryn during the Royal Wedding

“We’ve had some people even call to say they can’t get to the phone box but would like us to stick a star on for them to help commemorate their loved ones who have passed away,” she said. “It’s been amazing and totally unexpected.”

If you are interested in joining Abergavenny Knit and Natter, you can attend sessions on Tuesdays from 1.30pm at The Bryn Village Hall.