JUST two days into the year, the first baby of 2020 has been born at Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran.

Pure-bred Highland cow Hazel, who was also born on the farm in 2015, gave birth to a healthy bull calf called Moose at 1pm today.

Two members of the farm team assisted in the birth, ensuring that Moose arrived safely and healthy.


Moose is a Highland cross Welsh Black, and already standing and suckling from his mother, which is vital, as he needs his colostrum to protect him and give him antibodies.

Free Press Series:

(Moose, not long after being born)

Free Press Series:

(Moose and his mother Hazel having some bonding time)

Greenmeadow Community Farm will reopen on Saturday, February 1, where visitors will be able to meet both Moose and Hazel and see how they’re getting on at the farm.

For more information about what is taking place at Greenmeadow Community Farm, head to their Facebook page @greenmeadowfarm