A mother of two from Abergavenny has said she was embarrassed and disgusted after picking up 30 bags full of dog faeces at a playing field in the area.

On Sunday, January 5, Bethan Harrington and her daughter, 11, had travelled to the Lower Meadow playing fields at Pen-y-Pound stadium in Abergavenny for a football match.

Coaches and parents of the Abergavenny Town Ladies under-12s football team had to delay kick-off due to the amount of faeces left on the fields.

Ms Harrington, who took pictures of the bags and posted her disdain on social media after the match, said: “We were at home and welcoming an opposition side to play football and enjoy a Sunday morning watching our children.

“It was embarrassing to have to inform the parents and coaches of the other team that we were going to have to delay the match to deal with the problem. It’s not a very good look for the town in the slightest.”

Her post received hundreds of comments on social media, with some suggesting that the problem is an Abergavenny-wide issue, but Ms Harrington said she was unsure about that.

“I don’t know whether it’s a problem with a lack of bins and I wouldn’t go as far to say the council needs to change its approach,” she said.

“But I’m really concerned that cultural changes have happened in this town and some people don’t give a monkeys about the consequences of their actions.

“They couldn’t care less.

“I don’t care if there aren’t enough bins, that’s no excuse to not pick up your dog’s mess.”

The council was contacted for comment but was yet to respond at the time of publishing.

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