HOMES in Torfaen were the fastest selling in Wales, according to new figures.

It took residents 193 days on average to sell their homes last year, according to research by estate agent comparison website

Across the UK, it took the average home seller 256 days to sell in 2019, with only Nuneaton and Bedworth the only area to outperform Torfaen – with houses being snapped up in an average of 191 days.

Data from all of the major portals was cross-referenced with the Land Registry using proprietary algorithms to create a comprehensive record of what is selling, where, for how much and how long it’s taking.

The latest figures look at the total average time to sell a home throughout 2019, from the first day it was listed on the property portals until the day it is marked sold by the Land Registry.

The average Torfaen house price in November 2019 was £148,040, according to Land Registry figures.

Tony Jones, manager of Roberts Estate Agents Cwmbran and Pontypool branches, said they have noticed houses in the borough selling quickly.

"Anything from homes for first-time buyers up to about £200,000 have been flying out the door," he said.

"It has been very quick, providing the prices are realistic. When you have houses selling like this, there is a danger of over-valuing them."

Mr Jones said initially the abolition of the Severn Bridge tolls had led to an influx of buyers from Bristol, who would then commute to England, but more recently, they have now found buyers in Torfaen tend to be local residents.

"Although the Bristol market has dried up, the local market is continuing to go strong," said Mr Jones.

"As Newport prices have gone very high, a lot of people are going up to Cwmbran as prices are a bit more reasonable.

"It has a good town centre and some good schools.

"I'm pretty positive about the housing market in Cwmbran. The housing stock is good, and because it is a New Town, and all of the houses were built in the 1950s and 60s, there are fewer problems with mould and damp."

Torfaen was the only Welsh entry on the top 20 fastest selling areas of the UK, while Ceredigion ranked as the slowest market in Wales - with the average sale dragging out for 388 days.