A FRESH flood alert has been issued for Monmouthshire following heavy rain on Sunday and into today.

Flooding is possible on the rivers Wye and Monnow in Monmouthshire, says Natural Resource Wales.

The warning comes as the region is still reeling from the affects of Storm Dennis over a week ago.

Houses, roads and fields were left submerged in water after the River Wye burst its banks.

And the misery may yet continue.

NRW say “flooding is possible” in Wyesham, Monmouth, Rockfield, Dingestow, Osbaston and Maypole.

Free Press Series: The areas in orange show where potential flooding could occur. Picture: NRW.The areas in orange show where potential flooding could occur. Picture: NRW.

At 6am, the level at Ross-on-Wye was 3.7 metres and rising and a peak of between 3.7 and 3.9 metres is expected to occur this morning.

On Tuesday last week, the rivers Wye and Monnow recorded their highest ever levels - 7.13 metres and 6.56 metres respectively.

NRW have told residents to “be prepared for flooding”.

They have issued the following advice:

  • Check the latest situation on their website or call floodline on 0345 988 118
  • Be prepared to act on your flood plan
  • Prepare a flood kit of essential items
  • Monitor local river levels and the flood forecast on their website
  • Farmers should consider moving livestock and equipment away from areas likely to flood
  • Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water

If you want to report something

Report blocked drains and gullies

If you are concerned about flooding caused by blocked drains, gullies or water running off fields, report this to your local authority.

Report blocked rivers and landslides

If you are concerned about blocked rivers, landslides or flooding from rivers and the sea please report this immediately to NRW's 24-hour incident line on 03000 65 3000. 

Report problems with gas, electricity or sewerage

If you are concerned about floodwater affecting your gas, electricity, water or sewerage services, call your supplier.

For sewer flooding, or if your toilet or sink is backing up during floods  call your local water company.