Torfaen Sports Development have teamed up with Torfaen Leisure Trust to launch a new campaign to promote men’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

Following the successful #IfYouGoIGo campaign, which encouraged women across the borough to be more active, more often, the Torfaen Better Man campaign will focus on breaking down some of the barriers associated with good physical and mental health and will encourage men to lead a more active, healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

The 10-week programme will start on Monday, April 6 and is open to men living in Torfaen.

Participants will get the chance to take part in a range of fun activities to develop a fitter, stronger and healthier version of themselves. This will be done through group sessions, personal training and nutritional advice sessions and creating a support network.


As part of the campaign, the Torfaen Sports Development team will work with individuals to gain a better understanding of the reasons why they're not doing as much activity as they would like, and in turn offer a tailored package of support for them to reach their goals.

Executive Member for Education, Cllr David Yeowell said: “We’re excited to launch the Torfaen Better Man campaign and would love to see it mirror the success of #IfYouGoIGo.

“#IfYouGoIGo has been extremely successful, and during this campaign we have seen women achieve many personal goals and make some life changing improvements to their health.

“We now want to see the men of Torfaen step up to the mark and make changes that will improve their lives.

“Supporting Torfaen’s most vulnerable is one of the council’s priorities, so we want men who may need support with their mental and physical health and well-being to lead a more healthy lifestyle where possible.”

Torfaen’s sports development officer Ben Jeffries said: “Science has proven that taking part in physical activity, eating healthily and forming meaningful relationships can dramatically improve the state of someone’s mental and physical wellbeing.

“So whether it's lacking the confidence to leave the house or go for a run for the first time, or struggling to find the time in their busy lives to do as much as they would like, our Better Man campaign will work with men across the borough to tackle some of the personal challenges they face on a daily basis.”

If you would like to apply, message to the team through the Torfaen Sports Facebook or Twitter pages, or email

The deadline for applications on Sunday, March 15.