FAIRWATER Post Office is set to move to a new location - just 50 metres away.

The current branch at 18 Fairwater Square is to be moved to the Premier store at 13 Fairwater Square following a public consultation.

Sarah Cottrell, Post Office area change manager said: “We are confident that this vibrant new-style Post Office at the heart of the local community will meet customer needs.”


A Post Office spokeswoman added: "After careful consideration of the feedback received, we remain confident that the layout and location of the new branch will continue to meet customer needs and deliver an excellent service, whilst securing the long-term viability of Post Office services in the local community."

Free Press Series:

(Fairwater Post Office is moving from Fairwater Convenience Store.)

This current branch at Fairwater Convenience Store will close on Wednesday, March 11 at 7.30pm.

The new Post Office will open on Tuesday, March 17 at 9am, as the Postmaster moves the Post Office to the nearby premises.

Free Press Series:

(Fairwater Post Office is moving to the Premier store in Fairwater Square.)

During the interim, customers are advised to visit: Henllys Way Post Office at 1-3 Greenmeadow Square (NP44 4LW), or Thornhill Post Office at Thornhill Centre (NP44 5YZ).

The opening hours will remain Monday to Saturday, 7.30am to 7.30pm.