THE COST of recovery from ‘unprecedented’ flooding in Monmouthshire is likely to run to tens of millions of pounds, a meeting has heard.

More than 150 homes and 42 businesses have been hit by flooding caused by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis.

A special task group, Attis, has been launched by the county council in partnership with neighbouring authorities to deal with the mass recovery operation.

Matt Phillips, chairman of the group, told a full meeting of Monmouthshire council on Thursday that the impact of the flooding is still “an emerging picture.”

“Not just from a Monmouthshire County Council perspective, but county wide, we are looking at tens of millions of pounds of impact,” he said.

Cllr Sheila Woodhouse, chairwoman of the council, paid tribute to residents, council staff and emergency services for their response to the floods.

“I would like to express how saddened we all have been about the recent flooding,” she said.

“I sincerely hope that everybody is recovering and that recovery is well underway.

“So many people have been affected.”

The task group is expected to be in place for several months to manage disruption and offer support to residents.

It has been set up with neighbouring authorities in Gwent and agencies such as Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales.

Cllr Giles Howard praised the council for being able to “act so quickly.”

Council leader, Cllr Peter Fox, has also spoken of his pride at how communities have rallied together in “unprecedented times.”

“The impact on our beautiful county, residents and businesses from these extreme events has been devastating and the loss felt by those affected is going to be long-lasting,” he said.

The Welsh Government announced a £10 million emergency flood relief scheme as an initial response to the widespread flooding caused by Storm Dennis.

Finance minister, Rebecca Evans, has said funding for communities hit by flooding could extend into next year’s budget for Wales.