The A466 will close at Tintern for short periods at the following approximate times:

  • Tuesday, March 10 between 8.10am and 08.40am
  • Tuesday, March 10 between 8:35pm and 9:05pm
  • Wednesday, March 11 between 8:55am and 9.25am
  • Wednesday, March 11 between 9.15pm and 9.45pm
  • Thursday, March 12 between 9:35am and 10:05am
  • Thursday, March 12 between 9.55pm and 10.25pm
  • Friday, March 13 between 10.15am and 10:45am

The closure points will be as follows:

  • North end closure: Trellech Road junction
  • South end closure: Royal George junction

Monmouthshire County Council have said that closure times are estimated based on the forecasted tide times.

Natural Resources Wales will be monitoring the situation and issuing flood warnings as necessary. Road closures will only be temporary and only when tidal water actually overflows onto the highway.

The road will reopen as soon as the water has receded from the highway.

There are currently flood warnings in effect for the Wye estuary, south from Redbrook, and the Usk estuary from Tredunnock down to Newport.