HENLLYS residents will be able to enjoy a range of new releases as the Community Council have drawn up plans for a community cinema.

Community councillor Lawrence Smith-Higgins said the council had been overwhelmed by the positive feedback when asking for the public's views.

"We were pleasantly surprised from the positive response we have got from residents," he said.

"We were looking at our business plan for the upcoming financial year and we were looking what more we could add to the community.

"One of the council said he had come across community cinemas and asked if this was something we could run if there was a demand for it.

"I wrote a short paper looking at the pros and cons and looked at the costs, which are a lot lower than I thought as we would be joining one of the community cinema groups.

"Through the group, the films available at the moment range from Joker to Wallace and Gromit.

"We can hold events for kids during school holidays, and it can also be used to help tackle social isolation among our elderly resident - as they can come and have a chat before and after the film.

"It's a chance to get the community together."

At a meeting on Monday, the community council gave the project the go ahead.

Cllr Smith-Higgins said they hoped to have the project running by the summer, but the council would monitor the situation with the coronavirus outbreak and any restrictions on community gatherings.

The showings would be held at the village hall, and would be free admission.