PLANS to build thousands of homes in Monmouthshire and Torfaen have been outlined.

Monmouthshire and Torfaen councils have agreed preferred options for a replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) to serve the areas over the coming years.

Monmouthshire’s LDP makes provision for 8,232 homes to be built and 4,695 additional jobs up to 2033.

A particular focus is on delivering affordable housing, with the plan including an allocation of 50 per cent affordable housing-led sites.

But the proposal was met with a mixed reaction at a full meeting of Monmouthshire council on Thursday.

Cllr Jo Watkins said she was ‘dismayed’ at the idea of 8,000 new homes, raising concerns that infrastructure in the county could not cope with such a number.

In particular she raised concerns over 3,900 homes planned for the Chepstow and Severnside area.

“Our roads cannot take that sort of growth at the moment,” she said.

Cllr Jez Becker said the plans do not account for housebuilding taking place in neighbouring Gloucestershire.

He said more homes would worsen traffic problems.

But Cllr Mat Feakins said more houses need to be built to keep residents in the county and to offer options to people.

“At the moment we have got a raft of youngsters moving out of the area because we do not have enough houses,” he said.

Cllr Bob Greenland pledged that there will be improvements to public transport and infrastructure as well.

“The alternative is not to worry about the 2,000 people who are on our housing list and not to worry about many more who would want to stay living in this county,” he said.

Meanwhile, Torfaen council’s proposed new LDP proposes 4,800 homes up to 2033 and 50-hectares of employment land.

The majority of the housing growth is planned to the east of Cwmbran.

At a full council meeting on Tuesday, Cllr Huw Bevan said he had “grave concerns” over the plan, particularly over proposals for housing around the new hospital development at Llanfrechfa.

He raised concerns over infrastructure for the proposals, and that village communities around Ponthir could “effectively become a suburb of Cwmbran.”

Cllr Nick Jones warned the authority will have “serious problems” if more houses are built, and traffic increased, if action is not first taken to improve public transport.

He said it was time for the council to have “a serious discussion” about the issue.

Council leader, Cllr Anthony Hunt, said the authority had recognised the need for more housing but also the “limited development space” in Torfaen when it shaped the plans.

He said the plan will focus on quality of development, affordable housing, a need for sustainable developments and a need for proper infrastructure.

Both proposed LDPs will now go out for public consultation.