TORFAEN residents have been offering their services to the most vulnerable in their communities as the coronavirus arrived in the authority.

On Sunday, the first two cases in Torfaen, and Public Health Wales have since confirmed another person in the borough has tested positive for the disease.

But while scenes of shoppers panic-buying and shelves laid bare have been common place across the UK, some residents in Torfaen have taken it upon themselves to support their neighbours.

Jim Putnam, a Greenmeadow resident, has offered to help vulnerable people or those who are self-isolating in his community by picking up supplies or medicine for them.

“It’s still really early stages but I have had some support on Facebook from friends and neighbours who are willing to help out.

“We are hoping we can get a group of volunteers together for the height of it.

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“We are especially looking for elderly people or single parents with young children, just anyone who needs help with picking up shopping or prescriptions.

“It’s really frightening me and I figured other people out there are in the same position. If I can help ease the burden on them, then that would be great.

“We have never experienced anything like this. We are going in to the unknown. But if we pull together, we will be able to get through this.”

Mr Putnam said anyone in need should message him via Facebook.

Northville residents have also been taking it upon themselves to support the vulnerable and elderly members of the community.

One resident, Sarah Jane said: “We are posting slips through the doors of Northville with phone numbers for a few of us to help people out.

“If we can sort essentials or collect prescriptions for people, just anything to really help people out.

“I’ve also posted on social media, and a friend has posted on her page too.

“We are offering support for anyone, not just in Northville.

“Thinking of people with no family or support in isolation breaks my heart. I always think what if it was my family.

“I think this is a time when we all need to come together to help people out.”

Noddfa Church, in Abersychan, is also offering to support the most vulnerable in the community

“We have just partnered with Food Share working with Tesco in Pontypool and Asda in Brynmawr using food past its sell-by date but not past its use by date,” said Pastor John, from the church.

“This gets delivered to the church three times a week.

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(Noddfa Church is offering support in the community. Picture: Noddfa Church)

“If anyone is in isolation, we can deliver supplies to them.

“We have a community of volunteers here that are happy to call up or receive calls from anyone to help prevent loneliness.

“Members of Noddfa Youth have also volunteered to walk dogs for anyone who is in isolation.

“If people need support, we can offer it.

“Now is an opportunity for us to show our love for our community.”

Anyone looking for support in the area should get in contact via or the church’s social media pages.

Also in the north of the borough, the Garnsychan Partnership have established the Garnsychan Centre Point Project - which aims to have all the information residents need all in one place.

Garnsychan Partnership manager Kate Burton said: "We will be the main social feed to provide regular and up-to-date information looking at what protocols there are in place."

The partnership has also set up a a community connector phone line, where residents can call to sign up to regular check-ins from either the charity or members of the community.

The number for this is 07519581862. Residents can also call the Garnsychan Partnership office on 01495774453 or email for advice.

At Griffithstown Baptist Church, a dedicated phone for people who need to talk to help combat loneliness.

Tania Vaughan, associate minister the church, said: "We are available to offer practical help where we are able and where it is safe.

"We are particularly concerned about the effects of isolation and want to support people both practically and spiritually.

"Our ministers Jon Dickerson and Tania Vaughan, and volunteers are DBS checked and have safeguarding awareness."

The number to get in touch with the church is 07539 521642.

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(Clerk Kevin Warren and Cllr Emma Harvey went shopping to stock up on extras and essential everyday items for the foodbank. Picture: Blaenavon Town Council)

Blaenavon Town Council has purchased essential food and toiletries to bolster current supplies at the town’s foodbank after being made aware of a shortage.

The foodbank is run by Victory Church in Broad Street and takes place every Thursday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

Mr Warren said: “Figures released by The Trussell Trust, the charity that started foodbanks, show that more people are using foodbanks during this difficult period due to the shortage of supplies.

“We didn’t want to see vulnerable people in our community struggling to eat or with hygiene issues during this current worrying time, so we took the decision to ensure that they don’t have to.”

Cwmbran Community Council advised residents seeking advise during the coronavirus outbreak should contact Citizens Advice on 01633 876121, who will arrange a 'call back' telephone advice session.