PEOPLE struggling to meet council tax payments in Monmouthshire amid the coronavirus pandemic could be allowed a two-month payment holiday, the council’s top boss has said.

Paul Matthews, chief executive at the county council, said the authority is prepared to “talk to anyone who is concerned about their ability to pay their council tax.”

“We will work through their entitlement to exemptions to reduce total cost; we will willingly spread instalments over 12 months rather than 10 months to reduce monthly payments or we will allow people to make their first payment in June, effectively a two month holiday, and catch up throughout the year,” Mr Matthews said.

“This approach is based on individual circumstances which we think is the best way forward at this time.”

The leader of the council’s Labour group, Cllr Dimitri Batrouni, said it was vital to support residents amid the crisis.

He said the impact on the tourism industry would be particularly felt in Monmouthshire.

“This is an unprecedented time and we need to support our residents as much as possible,” he said.