A MAN from Brynmawr has been applauded after his mural dedicated to Colonel Tom Moore went viral last week.

Paul Cable, who has owned newsagents Cable News in Abergavenny on Frogmore Street for the last 32 years, has a long history of impressive artwork around the town.

On Saturday, April 25, Mr Cable said he woke up in the morning and felt a "sudden urge" to paint the mural for the 100-year-old ex-war veteran who has raised more than £30 million for the NHS.

Mr Cable said such is the community spirit in the town that he didn't even ask the owner of Casa Bianca on Frogmore Street, where the mural can be seen, for permission to paint his wall.

Mr Cable added that he had become "a little embarrassed" with the fanfare he's experienced since, but said he is glad the artwork has brought some warmth to those who have seen it.

"I just woke up and went and did it," he recalled, "I suppose I wanted to do something to reinforce the message that the whole country is with Colonel Tom.

"I was reading the newspaper and saw his face, and I thought to myself: 'Wouldn't it be marvellous if I could make a mural?'"

The mural is 12-feet high and has been shared so widely on social media, Mr Cable has even received messages from Australia and Canada.

"It was just my luck that he was Captain Tom Moore then, so the painting is now slightly out of date," he laughed.

"I'm not very good with social media, but I've been kept well-informed regarding how it has taken off.

"I get people coming in to ask for a photo with me. It's a bit embarrassing, it's not something I am asking for. But if it has helped people in any way, that must be a good thing."