A PAIR of twins from Garndiffaith have been cooking up a stir by raising money for the NHS by baking cakes for the community.

Lilly and Ffion Nicholls, 10, started out spending their time in lockdown baking for key workers and vulnerable people in the community.

But it wasn’t long until the pair decided to turn their passion into a fundraiser for the NHS.

"We have decided to do this because we wanted to help as much as we could in the pandemic," they said.

"I have severe asthma and my brother Ollie has fluid on the brain,” said Lilly.

“Both myself and Ollie use the NHS service regularly, we just want to give a little something back.”

"We are really enjoying baking alongside our schoolwork,” said Ffion. “It's given a real sense of pride."

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(Ffion and Lilly Nicholls have been baking cakes to raise money for the NHS. Picture: Jenna Powell.)

The twins’ mum, Jenna Powell, said she was “so proud” of them for their efforts.

“At the start of the pandemic, both my girls felt quite hopeless,” she said. “They wanted to help the NHS and key workers but couldn’t do a lot because of the lockdown.

“As they couldn’t go out, they started baking and dishing them out to local nursing homes, school hubs and vulnerable people.

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(Ffion Nicholls baking cakes to raise money for the NHS. Picture: Jenna Powell.)

“We would ask around if anyone knew anyone who might need a boost who is maybe on their own, and the girls would then bake something for them and leave it on the doorstep for them.

“I then started getting messages from people asking if they could contribute.

“With Lilly’s asthma prescription, they know how expensive medicine can be, and often ask where the money comes from for the NHS.

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(Lilly Nicholls making Welshcakes to raise money for the NHS. Picture: Jenna Powell.)

“They just wanted to give back to a service that has given us so much.

“They started out by donating £10 each themselves of their own money, and have even been buying the ingredients themselves. They’ve done everything.”

So far, they have raised more than £500.

You can find out more, or place an order, via Facebook page ‘Twin bakes for the NHS’.