NEW Inn residents have been pulling together to support the most vulnerable in their community throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Early into the lockdown, residents set up a coronavirus support Facebook page to help members of the community who were struggling because of the pandemic or were unable to leave the house as they were shielding.

And inspired by similar programmes in Caerphilly county borough, resident Rebecca Richards suggested a tin on the wall collection to provide much-needed supplies for Panteg House food bank.

It involves placing a tin of food (or whatever you want to donate) on your wall by 7pm each Thursday, which is then collected by a volunteer and given to the food bank.

In the first three weeks the collection has run, around 260 bags of food have been donated to the food bank.

Ms Richards said: “I grew up in Newbridge so I’m still in contact with old school friends and when I saw what they were doing with ‘Tin on a Wall’, I thought it was such a great idea.

“It’s a really simple but powerful approach to give a little – just one tin is fine - but together make a huge difference to local people who need it most.

“It’s been overwhelming to see just how much people are willing to give of their time and contributions to the food bank. We currently have 25 amazing volunteers covering over 55 streets and estates across the village all ready to say yes to the call for help to collect each week.”

Volunteer Paul Stephens said: “It’s just about doing something for the local community who are struggling.

“Panteg House are helping about 300 families with their food bank.

“The first two weeks I took the bags down myself, but last week we needed four cars to get it all there.

“Everyone in New Inn has pulled together and donated.

“I’ve lived in New Inn for about two years now, and I’ve never known a community to pull together so well.

“We are only asking for one can. It all helps

“It can be anything. At the moment baby food and nappies are the things we are most short of, but we just ask for anything non-perishable that you can afford to donate.”