MONMOUTHSHIRE council’s finances have been “stretched to breaking point” in the coronavirus pandemic, a council report has revealed.

A cabinet report says the county council will have lost £3.5 million in income by the end of June and has spent more than £520,000 on the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, £229,960 has been recovered from Welsh Government funding.

The report says: “Coming so soon after the floods of last winter our finances have been stretched to breaking point.

“Despite the many challenges, these efforts have resulted in new ways of doing things, some of which can form part of a lasting legacy of transformation with needs being met in new ways.”

Although the extent of the impact is not yet known as the coronavirus continues to affect everyday life, the council says that the impact on its finances will be determined by the compensation received by both UK Government and Welsh Government, as well as the length of time the impacts are felt.

The report says: “Our county and our nation are still a long way from normal; we are not yet sure what the new normal will look like.

“However, our role in the coming months will be to create the conditions for residents and businesses to take those first steps, while recognising that coronavirus remains an active threat to life and one that will cast a long shadow for many in our communities.

“We want everyone to feel safe in their communities, to continue to support each other and to reach out to those who need help.”

During the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic, the council’s aims are focused on remodelling town centres for safe shopping, the reopening of schools on June 29, working with partners on the trace, track and protect system to identify people who might have the virus, and to use technology to reintroduce services such as library book collections.

The report will be considered by the council’s cabinet on July 1.