A KEEN artist in Abergavenny has added an image of wartime sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn to a mural in the town.

The artwork dedicated to the legendary singer can be found on Casa Bianca on Frogmore Street, next to Mr Cable’s painting of Colonel Tom Moore, which he completed earlier in the lockdown.

The adored singer, who entertained troops with morale-boosting visits to the front line during the Second World War, died aged 103 on June 18.

Mr Cable, a shopkeeper at Cable News opposite Casa Bianca, completed the painting on Monday, and explained the reasons for his work.

“It seemed the most natural thing to do in a time like this, especially after Vera Lynn passed away,” he said.

“What she achieved in her 103 years can be a beacon of hope for us all. I think it has brought a smile to those who have walked past.

“I’ve had people coming in and paying me compliments for the work, which is a nice surprise. It’s not what I do it for but it’s good to know it makes a difference.”

Mr Cable said he also hopes the work can inspire visitors to return to the town, as it works its way out of lockdown.

“Abergavenny needs to be a magnet for the Valleys now, and we need people to revisit now more than ever, so I hope this helps that happen.

“I’d like it to encourage people to remember their trip to Abergavenny.”