AS A WAY of saying thank you to key workers for their contributions during the coronavirus pandemic, the Cwmbran Centre has set up a colourful tribute.

The Cwmbran community has been filled with countless heartfelt gestures and inspirational stories and as a way to say thank you to all of those who have played a part, Cwmbran Centre has installed eye-catching rainbow bunting within The Parade to help bring a touch of colour and positivity back into its customers' lives.

"From putting daily life on hold and changing the way we work and shop to having limited contact with loved ones, we’ve all had to face a difficult time in our lives that we could never have prepared for," a Cwmbran Centre spokeswoman said. "But if there’s one thing Cwmbran Centre has learnt from all of this, it’s that when times get tough, the people of Cwmbran pull together to help each other through."


“Our aim with the rainbow bunting is that every time you visit Cwmbran Centre over the next few months, despite the difficult times you’ve faced, you’ll gain a sense of hope that better days are coming and each day is a day closer to normality,” said Cwmbran Centre manager, Rikki Teml.

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The rainbow bunting at Cwmbran Centre paying tribute to key workers. Picture: Cwmbran Centre.

Cwmbran Centre has encouraged customers to get in touch with their pictures of the rainbow bunting when visiting the centre. To send your photos follow Cwmbran Centre on Facebook and Instagram @cwmbrancentre.